Each one is-Become was advised that they have another type of mission if you are on the planet

Each one is-Become was advised that they have another type of mission if you are on the planet

It included anyone that the fresh new « Old Empire » judged to-be crooks that as well cruel becoming reformed otherwise subtle, and also other crooks such as for example sexual perverts, otherwise beings reluctant to create any energetic functions

After the IS-BE has been shocked and hypnotized to erase the memory of the life just lived, the IS-BE is immediately « commanded », hypnotically, to « report » back to Earth, as though they were on a secret mission, to inhabit a new body. But, of course there’s no objective to be into the a jail – at least not for the prisoner.

This consists of Is actually-BEs that reported to be noncompliant « free thinkers » or « revolutionaries » who create troubles toward governments of the numerous worlds away from this new « Dated Kingdom ». Without a doubt, you aren’t an earlier armed forces number up against the « Dated Kingdom » is additionally shipped off to Environment.

A list of « untouchables » become music artists, designers, singers, writers and singers, writers, actors, and you may musicians of every type. Thus Earth possess even more music artists for every capita than any other world regarding « Dated Empire ».

« Untouchables » additionally include intellectuals, creators and geniuses atlanta divorce attorneys profession. Since the what you the latest « Dated Kingdom » takes into account worthwhile possess sometime ago come to exist otherwise written along the last couple of trillion decades, he has no more play with to possess eg beings. This may involve competent managers together with, that are not needed in a community away from acquiescent, automated people.

Anybody who is not happy or able to submit to senseless financial, governmental and you may spiritual servitude as the a tax-using staff on the category program of your own « Old Empire » try « untouchable » and you may sentenced to receive thoughts wipe-away and you will long lasting imprisonment in the world.

The net outcome is you to definitely a got-Getting is not able to stay away from as they cannot remember exactly who they are, where it originated in, where they are. These include hypnotized to think he could be anybody, something, a bit, and you will somewhere besides was basically they are really.

This new Domain name officer who was simply « assassinated » during muscles regarding Archduke regarding Austria was, at the same time, captured of the « Old Kingdom » force. Because kind of officer is a top driven Is-End up being, versus most, he was taken away in order to a key « Old Kingdom » feet within the body of your own planet Mars. It lay your with the another type of electronic prison mobile and you will held him there.

Luckily, that it Domain name manager managed to getting away from the latest below ground legs after twenty-seven decades in captivity. When he fled about « Old Kingdom » feet, he came back immediately to help you his own feet regarding asteroid gear. His commanding manager purchased you to a combat cruiser be sent 77 (Footnote) towards coordinates of your own foot, provided by that it officer, and to damage that ft entirely. That it « Dated Empire » base was discover a couple of hundred miles north of your own equator towards Mars from the Cydonia region . 78 (Footnote)

An enthusiastic « untouchable » group of Is-BEs comes with a multitude of « governmental inmates » 76 (Footnote)

Whilst the armed forces root of the « Dated Kingdom » is lost, regrettably, a lot of new huge machinery of Try-End up being force windowpanes, this new electroshock / amnesia / hypnosis devices continues to setting various other undiscovered metropolitan areas upwards to the present moment. Area of the feet or manage center for this « notice handle prison » 79 (Footnote) operation has never been found. Very, the latest affects in the legs, otherwise bases, will always be in essence.

The new Domain twoo name possess seen one to given that « Dated Empire » place forces was basically destroyed there’s absolutely no you to leftover to positively stop most other planetary solutions off delivering her « untouchable » IS-BEs in order to Earth from all around it galaxy, and off their galaxies nearby.

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